top of page a meeting of two people in the main,a client and a professional counsellor. Counselling usually begins with an initial meeting where you will be able to sense whether you are at ease to proceed with further sessions.It's usual to have the first few sessions close together to engage in the process then depending on the pace you choose, the frequency of the sessions.

My aim is to support you , going at your pace and considering your needs, to understand what you think, feel and believe.I will honour your judgment and respect what you share.

Being listened to in this way by another,helps gain clarity about your situation, make choices and decisions to move forward. This insight and awareness also gives resourcefulness to handle future problems.

My belief in counselling has never faltered,and is a passion which continues to grow and influences me both professionally and personally.I also, following life events have experienced personal challenges, and have engaged as a client .

Some issues I have covered:- Self Harm, Eating Disorders, Bereavement, Stress, Depression, General life dissatisfactions, Employment, Relationships, Sexuality, Anxiety, Post Trauma, health, Illness, Family dynamics, Anger, Bullying, Anxiety Divorce, Critical Incident, Domestic Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Low Self Esteem, Health issues, Compulsive disorders, fertility ,Work place stress/anxiety.

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